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Arabic Tutor for Kids in Dubai: The Best Way to Nurture Language Skills


The cognitive and social development of children in today’s multicultural environment depends on their exposure to several languages and studies apart from typical schooling.  Arabic language, is of greatest importance. If you’re looking for the best Arabic tutor for kids in Dubai. The article will examine the significance of Arabic tutoring for kids and how it might enhance their general development and language proficiency.


Why Choose an Arabic Tutor for Kids?

1.  Cultivate Bilingual Abilities

Research has shown that learning multiple languages at a young age enhances cognitive flexibility and problem-solving skills. An Arabic tutor can help your kids develop proficiency in Arabic alongside their native language, nurturing valuable bilingual abilities.


2. Embrace Cultural Understanding

Arabic is deeply rooted in culture and history. By learning Arabic with a tutor, children can gain insights into the traditions, customs, and values of Arab-speaking communities. This fosters cross-cultural understanding and empathy, essential qualities in today’s globalized world.


3. Strengthen Communication Skills

Arabic is deeply rooted in culture and history. By learning Arabic with a tutor, children can gain insights into the traditions, customs, and values of Arab-speaking communities. This fosters cross-cultural understanding and empathy, essential qualities in today’s globalized world.


The Benefits of choosing Arabic Tutor for Kids

1. Individualized Learning

Every child has a unique ability for learning and pace to understand. A proficient Arabic tutor recognizes this and tailors the teaching approach to suit your child’s needs. This personalized attention ensures efficient learning and maximizes the child’s potential.


2. Engaging Teaching Methods

Learning a language should be exciting and enjoyable. A high-end Arabic tutor incorporates interactive activities, games, and multimedia to make the learning process fun and engaging. This not only sustains the child’s interest but also improves retention and understanding.


3. Language Immersion

Immersion is the most effective method of learning a new language. Arabic is used in a variety of situations, including discussions, stories, and role-playing, in an immersive environment created by a qualified Arabic tutor.


The Role of an Arabic Tutor for kids in Shaping a Child's Future

1. Instilling Confidence

Learning a new language for your child will be challenging as well as rewarding for the future. An Arabic tutor for kids can play a pivotal role in instilling confidence in young learners, encouraging them to embrace the learning process fearlessly.

2. Nurturing Curiosity

Children are naturally curious, and an experienced Arabic tutor harnesses this curiosity to spark a passion for learning. Curiosity-driven learning fosters a lifelong love for knowledge and exploration.

3. Fostering Long-Term Success

Language proficiency opens doors to various opportunities in the future. An Arabic tutor equips kids with the language skills they need to excel academically, professionally, and personally.


Enrolling your kids in Arabic tutoring in Dubai is a decision that can shape their future positively. The exposure to a rich language like Arabic, guided by a skilled tutor, not only enhances their linguistic abilities but also broadens their cultural horizons. The journey of learning Arabic is not just about acquiring language skills but also about fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for a vibrant heritage.


Investing in an Arabic tutor for your kids is an investment in their growth and success. Embrace the linguistic diversity around you, and watch your children flourish as confident, compassionate, and multilingual individuals ready to conquer the world.

Arabic tutor for kids in Dubai

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Arabic tutors in Dubai

Arabic tutoring for kids in Dubai

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Ms. Sahar

I'm teaching Arabic for kids in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. My field of specialty is Arabic. I have two master's degrees in teaching Arabic as a foreign language from theUniversity, and in interpretation French Arabic from Damascus University. Ihave many achievements such as: teaching French\/Arabic interpretation as French teaching assistant for second year Master’s students in the Higher Institute for Interpretation and Translation at Damascus University, teaching French as a foreign language for more than 10 years, including teaching French for first and second year students of Damascus University, Faculty of Literature, Archaeology Department, and interpreting at a number of international conferences for more than 5 years.

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Ms. Wouroud

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi my name is wouroud legha . I'm an arabic language teacher I have bachelor in arabic literature from lebanese university . I have 7 years experience in education and knowledge school _ lebanon , From grade 1 till grade 6. Always I make my class learn and fun and i make it as a game related to the topic. I engaged technologie with education in my class . I have a great passion in teaching Arabic to my student and paying attention to individual differences .

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Ms. Khaoula

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Highly motivated conscientious and flexible English teacher wellversed in using social skills and empathy to manage student behavior; utilizes feedback from students to create compelling lesson plans that take into account the strengths and weaknesses of students, in addition to creating unique activities that enhance student literacy in a more amusing way. A teacher that successfully fosters relationships with students and parents alike with excellent interpersonal skills and highly adaptable to new and challenging situations. Respectful of cultural diversity in the classroom and in the community. \r\nWork Experience :\r\nEnglish as A Foreign language Teacher English teacher for extra courses development in middle school 2013 - 2014. \r\nEnglish teacher at privet school Noor Center for Science and Languages 2016 - 2018. \r\nSubstitute English Teacher for Grade 6,8 and 9 in 11 December 1960 Public middle School 2019. \r\nFreelancing Ouargla Algeria :\r\nPrivate tutor for Grade 9 middle school and grade 12 senior year high school \r\nEducation History :\r\n2014 -2016 Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla Algeria. \r\nMaster degree in Anglo-Saxon Literature. Courses included Anglo-Saxon Literature, Linguistics and Translation, in addition to Research Methodology. \r\n2011-2014 Kasdi Merbah University Ouargla Algeria. \r\nBachelor degree in English language and literature. Courses included Civilization, literature and Linguistics.

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Ms. Randa

Private Arabic Tutor for Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Teaching in UAE since 2018. I teach one-to-one or small groups of friends. I teach kids from as young as 3 years of age in a fun way. Specialist in teaching students according to their learning abilities. Official study material is used where applicable, & supplemented from my own library. I cover the subject content, and do extensive past paper \/ make exam practice. This helps the student in understanding how to answer a question as required by the examiner.? The lessons are always fun and friendly, as they are available online or at home. The lesson for beginner is:15 min conversation ( speaking) 15 min writing 15 min reading 15 min exercises.

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Ms. Rahma

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.With experience teaching Levant dialect, Egyptian dialect, and classical Arabic in both Egypt and UAE. As well as in activities outside of the traditional classroom environment, I have a diverse teaching background and much to offer.\r\n \r\nMy passion combined with enthusiasm for the job lead me to finish my own books: First step in Gulf and second step in Gulf that quickly familiarize beginners with the essential features of Arabic grammar while at the same time providing important vocabulary and writing exercises. I have been derived again by my passion to start my book Spoken Word dictionary.\r\n\r\

Certified Arabic tutor for kids

Mr. Ahmed

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I love learning and teaching and keep improving myself. I am always working sincerely in my workplace and do the best of my abilities to increase the progress of my students’ outcomes and educational level. In my opinion, teaching is not merely a job but it is a message. \r\n\r\nEducational Qualification\r\n\r\n1-\tBachelor in Arabic literature from Al-Azhar University in Egypt in 1979\r\n2-\tHigh Diploma in Education from Aleppo University of literature\r\n & Human Education in 1986.\r\nMy experiences\r\n\r\n1-Twelve years in teaching Arabic language and Islamic Studies in many of different secondary schools and educational institutions in Syria from 1982 to 1993\r\n \r\n2-Eighteen years as an Arabic teacher and head of the Arabic department in Abu Dhabi governmental schools from 1993 to 2016

Mr. Sameh

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I’m Sameh I have a Degree in English Literature 1995 from Egypt , I started to work in Dubai since 2002 as an Arabic teacher for non_Arabs and Islamic teacher for newly Muslims in Dubai with K.H.D.A. approval to teach Arabic there. I teach the two levels of Arabic Language, advanced Arabic “classical” for school students ,and spoken Arabic “Khalijee accent” for adults . I worked in different kinds of schools; Indian, British, American, and International schools. And instructor in many reputable institutes all over Dubai and Knowledge Village including Wollongong University .

Arabic tutor Dubai

Ms. Sofia

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Assalamu Alaikum, I have an experience of 8 years teaching in tajweed and Islamic studies, I am skilled at motivating students and promoting effective learning by setting clear tasks, with attainable goals. I have a proven track record of getting exceptional results by giving appropriate assistance to students.\r\nI am dedicated and skilled in teaching but also very friendly. Students have always loved my company as a teacher.

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Moahmed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Graduated from the Faculty of Sharia and Law, Al-Azhar University in Cairo 2014 A teacher of Islamic studies and a memorizer of the Holy Quran for 3 years I worked as an administrative coordinator, data entry and receptionist at Nour Al Bayan School in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for two years I am currently working as a receptionist for a company Hemaya Security Services Abu Dhabi Receptionist, data operator, administrative coordinator and receptionist

Mr. Mohammad

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I have Three degrees: (Bachelor's degree in Arts\/Arabic Language and Literature, Bachelor's degree in Arts\/English Language\/Translation department, and Bachelor's degree in journalism, And That gives me more strength in teaching and tutoring students in Arabic or in English.\r\nTo be a good teacher you must have skills and experience in addition of your education, I have skills and experience in many fields like teaching and tutoring.

Arabic tutor Dubai

Ms. Rasha

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I, Rasha Mohammed Ali Ghanem, Arabic B teacher passing the MOE Pedagogy assessment for teacher license & KHDA Approval on October 2016, I am working as an Arabic B teacher for 14 years. \r\nCurrently, I am working at Sunmarke school since August 2016 up to date. During my work at Sunmarke, I have experience for teaching all primary from Year 1 to year 6 and taking responsibility for teaching and planning for years 7 to 9 as well as the Foundation stage. According to the Ministry's new curriculum update, I gained the experience to deal with Arabic A students and their parents as I am teaching both Arabic A & B students in year 1 & foundation stage.\r\n * I worked at Gems Our Own English High School, Dubai (From April 2012 till June 2016). \r\n* I worked at Delhi Private School, Dubai (for four years and six months) (from September 2007 till March 2012). \r\n* I had nominated for the Award of (Teacher of The Academic Year 2014 - 2015) and had got the Management points at (Gems Our Own English High School.\r\n*Working as Arabic co-ordinator for grade (5) and (6) at (Gems Our Own English High School.\r\n*I took responsibility of teaching beginners, remedial classes, Performing Arabic Assemblies, performing Arabic week activities, School Exhibition, selecting students who participate in Qirat competition, and In charge of an Arabic calligraphy competitions.\r\n*Doing initiative things in the Arabic Department such as (Arabic Jam-Arabic Read and Lead).\r\n*Training new teachers and guiding them to improve their performance.\r\n* I have got outstanding lesson by Gr1 Supervisor (Gems Internal Review).\r\n*Attended different workshops such as (First Aids, How to prepare an assessment for the four skills – Positive Education – Multi smart learners – STEAM – Teaching and learning online challenges and opportunities – Be an online tutor in 24 hours course – The key’s safeguarding Assessment -…….. )\r\n* Very good in using ( Word Writing Skills – Access skills – Excel – Powerpoint skills – Microsoft Mix - padlet )\r\n*Having good skills in using (Quizzes – Nearpod – Word wall – Pink cat - Powtoon – Quizlet – class dojo – Seesaw – Aurasma- QR code - Tarsia) and many other techniques.\r\n* Very Good user of the Internet.\r\n* Very good user to (Microsoft teams – Forms – Zoom – Class Notebook ).\r\n*Familiar with different educational sites (SIMS – GLG – VLE – My Learning)..

Arabic tutor Dubai

Ms. Sarra

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Sarra Kochtane is a double-qualified and certified tutor from Tunisia with high pedagogic potential to teach Arabic and French and help improve your reading, speaking, and writing capacity. Sarra has 5 years of teaching experience and holds a master's degree.

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Wahid

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Egyptian Arabic language teacher and professional development trainer, PhD degree with first honor specialist in Arabic literature and criticism and also have a long experience teaching in Egypt and UAE cycle 2&3

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Ahmed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am Ahmed Al Sharif, an Arabic language teacher with 7 years experience in the United Arab Emirates. I would like to join your distinguished school. I have sent my resume in the attachments, please review it for more details about my qualifications and experience, I hope it matches your selection criteria to set a job interview and learn more about my experiences and skills.\r\n I have a great experience in teaching and motivating students, and I love my profession a lot, and I enjoy the skill of developing the curriculum through art and acting, bringing out students' energies, extracting mental and psychological abilities and intellectual skills, as well as artistic talents during the academic achievement journey. I am also familiar with the standards of the Arabic language and the standards set by the United Arab Emirates for the development of learning and the foundations of building an excellent class, through my experiences in private schools and international schools. with all gratitude and appreciation,\r\n Ahmed Elsharif\r\n Arabic teacher

Mr. Mahmoud

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Mahmoud is an active fresh graduate petroleum engineer who is interested in online learning at the first then it transferred to online tutoring especially Quran and Arabic language for non- native speakers.\r\n\r\nExperience\r\n? Had an Ijazah in Hafs from Al- Derasat Al-Quraniah\r\nOrganization in 2016.\r\n? Had an Ijazah in Hafs from Rieaayat Al-Hafazah Organization in 2019.\r\n? More than 5 years of experience in offline Quran Teaching.\r\n? Studied matn “Tohfat Alatfal”.\r\n\r\nEducation\r\n? B.Sc. Degree at Petroleum Engineering, Suez University, Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering.\r\nVery good Grade\r\n(76.67%),\r\n? High School Student Al- Mosheer Amer High School. Excellent Grade: (98.65%),Math section

Arabic tutor |  English tutor | French tutor | Spanish tutor | Russian tutor |  Turkish tutor | Chinese tutor | German tutor

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Muhammed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.A trained teacher with post graduation in Islamic studies and Bachelor of Education in English Language. I have 3 years teaching experience and use various methods of teaching. Mostly I stick to learning by doing \/project oriented \/ student centered methods. I chose method based on initial assessment of the learner.

Arabic tutor Dubai

Ms. Mai

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am an art teacher with seven years of experience teaching art in schools, nursery and sometimes as a freelancer. I graduated from faculty of specific education art department and I am working on my master's thesis right now. I have taught different age groups from 3 to 14 years old using different methods of learning with them by making them participate in the class and use their own tools and skills to express what is inside of them. I used to guide them and help them to discover themselves and know who they are. I am patient and quite so I know very much well how to treat children and to act as a mentor to them. Also I am a self-motivated, reliable individual who is seeking for improve my career in an organization where I can be more creative, productive and help others to develop their talents. I have been working since I was several years old and these experiences have given me an opportunity to learn from the best and gain expertise.

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Mohamed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is MOHAMED ALMETWALLI and I would like to apply for the Arabic\r\nteaching position that has arisen in your school for the coming academic year. I am an\r\nEgyptian secondary school teacher with Ten years’ experience.\r\n\r\nI taught in UAE for Seven years and am now completing my Eight-year teaching in\r\nDubai. I have worked in British curriculum schools. I have had the opportunity to\r\nwork with students from a variety of social, economic, cultural and religious\r\nbackgrounds.\r\n\r\nI am a very passionate and understanding teacher, with great enthusiasm for my\r\nsubject. I constantly strive to instil this passion in my students by providing\r\ninteresting and engaging work that both challenges and motivates them to succeed,\r\npersonally and academically. I believe I have a great deal to offer both inside and\r\noutside the classroom. Passionate and knowledgeable Arabic and Islamic Teacher with 10 years of experience delivering engaging lessons focused on the interests and needs of students. Knowledgeable of standard instruction principles classroom management styles and approaches to teaching Modern Standard Arabic to English speakers. Hands-on experience creating development courses and activities modeled on goal attainment and student-centered instruction.

Mr. Mahmoud

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Teacher of Arabic language and Islamic sciences for 6 years experience in international school and I have MIEE expert and MIEE trainer and MIEE master trainer from Microsoft education

Mr. Ahmed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I am with you, Mr. Ahmed bin Attia Al-Najdi, holder of a Bachelor of Arts in 2004, reverend, in addition to a general educational diploma with an excellent grade. I worked as an Arabic language teacher in the Arab Republic of Egypt for five years, then moved to work in Saudi Arabia as a teacher of Arabic language and Islamic education for nine years

Arabic tutor Dubai

Mr. Ahmed

Arabic tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.A teacher of Arabic language and Islamic law for Arabs and non-native speakers and a memorizer of the Qur’an with the ten readings and intonation. A follower of curricula and a founder for young children to read and write correctly in an easy and simplified way, and I speak English and founded it as well

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Ms. Hadil

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Looking for a challenging and responsible place in the field of education that provides a good opportunity to develop and invest all my professional skills, and valuable experience to an optimal level to facilitate continuous career growth to achieve the best organized results. I have a bachelor's degree in Western language and teaching methods with two years of experience in education and language auditing

Ms. Islam

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am Islam Abu Youssef from Gaza with a bachelor’s degree from Al-Aqsa University, majoring as a classroom teacher. I have 4 years of experience in the Future School.

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Mr. Nour

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hello\r\nName \/ Muhammad Nour - I work as a teacher of Arabic and Islamic education and coordinator\r\nI have more than 12 years of experience teaching Islamic education, Arabic language and the Noble Qur’an\r\nI love my work very much and give it my utmost attention and always strive for excellence and development wherever I go\r\nvery helpful; I love teamwork and flexible and understanding management. I worked in more than one school in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the city of Al Ain

Mr. Tahar

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.As a teacher of Arabic language in Algeria for ten years, and also with experience in public relations for two years. I hope that you are interested in my cv. \r\n\r\nI am a good team player and I have exceptional planning and organizational skills and an experience in classroom management. \r\nPassionate about teaching, pedagogue, dynamic, attentive, endowed with an excellent communication and strongly transmitting my knowledge. I am keenly animated by my profession and I put all the work to captivate the class and offer a rich teaching to my students. Now available to agree on a schedule for the next school year, I would be delighted to pass on my knowledge to your team.\r\nI am at your disposal to arrange an interview to reveal my passion and my motivation in person.

Ms. Rabia

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.French Teacher\r\nAugust 2007-June 2009 Algiers School.\r\n•\t Wrote lesson plans for assignments, classwork, examinations, and oral dictations to increase student understanding of French language, history, and culture.\r\n•\tWorked with school officials on disciplinary measures to eliminate poor attendance and behavioral issues.\r\nFrench Teacher 26 \/ 4\/ 2017 - 2021 Sharjah Indian School \r\n•\t Instructed students in French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.\r\n•\tAdept with district technology applications and online software, including Moodle and Google classroom\r\n•\t-Able to coordinate the needs and assessments of over 120 students under my instruction\r\n•\t-Exceptional problem-solving and critical thinking skills\r\n•\t-Public speaking proficiency\r\nSkills\t\r\nFluent in French – Adept with district technology applications and online software, including Moodle and Google classroom – Able to coordinate the needs and assessments of over 120 students under my instruction – Exceptional problem-solving and critical thinking skills – Public speaking proficiency – Comfortable working.\r\n\r\nOthers Skills: (Distance E- Learning) Zoom and Microsoft Team Platforms\r\n– Pronunciation practice – Grammar translation methods – students' strategies engagement - Technology integrate teaching – class room discipline techniques – class room management – Google classroom.- Exam and marks conducting online.

Mr. Mohammad

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is mohammad matar, I’m 21 years old, I studied Arabic language and literature in The Hashemite university in Jordan, And I got a very good rate, I love work, passionate, optimistic, collaborating with colleagues, patient, working hard, able to specialize greatly, understanding and full-time.

Mr. Muhammad

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am an experienced Arabic and Islamic Studies B teacher with 17th year of experience in this field, I have done Masters in Arabic and Islamic Studies from university of karachi in 2003 and I am working in same field since 2010 in big organizations in UAE

Ms. Omneya

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.This is omneya Samy ,iam an engineer and instructor graduated from faculty of engineering 2013 , living in Dubai with residence visa (spouse) , have 4 years experience as an instructor in faculty of engineering and also 5 years as a structural designer engineer 2 of them in Dubai.\r\nI do my work as an amateur not as normal job because I believe in this quote\r\n“If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people”.

Ms. Alla

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I would like to work at your company because it is a well-known company and I'd like to develop myself in such an excellent environment.\r\nI have a degree in computer science and a master's degree in business administration.\r\nI have five years of work experience, around teach ICDL, academic designer, Digital Archiving, Academic Registration, and administrative staff.\r\nI learn English at British Council and I examined the IELTS test, I also know how to use all Microsoft office packages.\r\nI think one of my greatest strengths is quick learning, I enjoy learning from everyone meet, and I'll try to diligence better at work.

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Mr. Mohammad

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi,\r\nThis is Mohammad Salahuddin. I have completed bachelor's degree in Arabic Islamic studies with major Holy Quran sciences at Al Qasimia university Sharjah, UAE, and I have well communication skills in Arabic, English and Urdu, Hindi also, I can teach Arabic language, and Islamic studies.

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Ms. Sara

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Sarah, a teacher and speech therapist who worked in many jobs from 2012 to 2021. My work with kids is my life, and what I love doing is being with kids. I feel victorious when I have consequences for the children.

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai

Mr. Jodaat

Private Arabic Tutor Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Dedicated, resourceful, and innovative Arabic Teacher who strives to help administrators, community leaders, and colleagues in facilitating employees and students learning goals and intellectual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. Recognized ability to quickly generate trust and develop rapport. Well versed in building vibrant face-to-face and virtual learning communities.

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