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Finding German Tutors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is easy with GetYourTutors. Choose from 16+ German language tutor for your private German lessons in Dubai. Our German Tutor in UAE give In-person or online German classes. Find top online German courses in Dubai to start learning German Online. Book free demo lesson with Native German tutor in Dubai. To help you in all aspects of studying German in the comfort of your own home. Our German Teacher gives home tuitions as well as online German classes.


German tutors in dubai

German Language Tutors in Dubai

Ms. Victoria

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Skilled Foreign Language tutor proficient in English and Russian, able to motivate and encourage students to improve their academic performance using effective goal-setting strategies. Creativity and flexibility in order to personalize their learning approach for individual students. Patience and compassion for students as they develop skills and improve their performance.

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German language tutor in Dubai

Ms. Nadezhda

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hello! My name is Nadya. I am a Master's degree in Managment. I worked in Southwest State University (Kursk,Russia) as a Russian language teacher for international students in Italy, Germany, China, Turkey, Ecuador, Palestine and etc. more than 4 years (A1-B2) and I worked 4 month in China as a Russian teacher for preparatory faculty (A1-?2). In teaching I try to help all students for learning Russian language. In my lessons students feel comfortable,because we play games, watch education movie, speak and work together like a team.

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German tutor in Dubai

Ms. Joana

German tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Joanna and I am a German National who has a huge career experience in developing people in different areas. As a Business Trainer I invest in the interactive & accelerated methodology of teaching\/ \/training that supports people to easily pick up the topic and speed up the learning process .\r\n\r\nSupporting people in their personal growth and see them excel in their desired field , reflects my passion.\r\n\r\nAs Leonardo Da Vinci once said- \r\n\r\n“ Learning never exhausts the mind”. \r\n\r\nJoanna

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Ms. Sara

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I have graduated from the faculty of foreign languages (German department ) in 2016. I have 6 years of experience in teaching and coordinating foreign languages (German, English, Arabic) for adults and kids, and different purposes. And usually, I prefer to use active learning methods which are more effective for all stages.

German tutor in Dubai

Ms. Sakhab

German tutor online in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am a bachelor holder of Middle Eastern Studies in language & Society - Arabic and have vast knowledge on Arabic language and culture. \r\nI possess excellent communication, administrative, organizational skills and have been working in translation field, content writing and event management. \r\nI believe that I will be a good match to Tutor position.

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Ms. Hilda

German tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Dear Sir\/ Madam,\r\n\r\nAs an academic looking for better opportunities, I would like to introduce myself as a PhD degree holder in English, along with professional degrees such as BEd., MEd, and PG Certificate in Teaching English. I have been working as an Assistant Professor and have 12 years in schools and colleges including a BEd. College.\r\n\r\nAs a person interested in language, I taught Communication and Soft skills for BTech. for …years. As a qualified teacher educator, I taught BEd. students for …years preparing them to be updated in current methodologies of teaching English. At the school level, I had been taking care of the students’ communicative skills and soft skills in addition to teaching the prescribed syllabus.\r\n\r\nI chose teaching as a career out of my sheer passion—to renew myself as a professional through reflexive teaching, self inquiry, experimenting novel ideas in the class, theorizing from classroom practices, reading for updating, collaborating with colleagues in and out of the institution, participating in workshops, conferences and seminars, and by being part of special interest groups and so on.\r\n\r\nI have … published papers to my credit, have presented …papers at national conferences, and …at international conferences. The workshops I attended gave me insights into the new paradigms emerging in my profession.\r\n\r\nAs my professional strength, I would like to point out that I vigilantly keep an eye on the new developments in English language teaching, and I consider myself good at evaluating teaching-learning materials and to choose from them the best ones that suit my learners.\r\n\r\nIf I am given an opportunity to serve your institution, I promise that in addition to the normal teaching of the syllabus contents, , I can take care of the communication skills of the students, especially their conversational skills through various activities. I am quite confident in developing self-confidence in my learners by shaking off their inhibition and fear in communicating in English. This, I assure you, goes into the moulding of their personality, since language competence forms a major part of personality.\r\n\r\nLook forward to an opportunity to serve your esteemed institution.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\nHilda

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Ms. Hager

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Hager, a very friendly, patient Arabic teacher. I live in the UAE, Dubai. \r\nI have a Bachelor degree in Education Arabic department , also I have a Diploma in Curriculum planning and education programs from Tanta University. \r\nI was working in an international school, I am working online as well in teaching the Arabic for non_ native speakers . \r\nFor every ( lady, girl ) whatever your goal is to learn that wonderful language. I'll support you, help you and push you to learn it with a very easy way & in a short time ?.\r\n\r\nI'll teach you :\r\n- To speak fluent Arabic and understand its meaning very easily. \r\n- The most basic grammar and syntax.\r\n- How to read and write Arabic in a short, simple and easy way.\r\n- About our Arabic culture from our most important festivities to our family.\r\n- To write nicely in Arabic. \r\n\r\nI like my lesson to be a bit of fun in it, a lot of entertainment and this by using different ways, strategies, games, videos, also songs that make the learning more enjoyable and attractive away from the traditional ways. \r\n\r\nThank you for your time and consideration! \r\n\r\nSincerely, \r\n\r\nHager

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Ms. Salma

German tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Dear Sir, \r\n\r\nI have worked for many year as a part time private teacher and instructor. I have a good experience in teaching online private classes for children in English and German language. Moreover, I can provide Arabic language classes as a second language.\r\nI am currently in Germany to study a master degree and I can work remotely as an online teacher in German language for beginners, General English Courses, IELTS preparation courses and Arabic lessons for non-Arabic speakers. \r\nBest Regards,\r\nSalma Abdelkader

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German tutor in Dubai

Mr. Laid

German tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My background spans more than 16 years of experience planning, leading, and continually improving language programs to achieve measurable language progression.\r\nBy teaching students from a wide range of backgrounds and learning styles, I have honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills. Additionally, my inherent passion for French language and culture has fostered exciting and engaging classes and has successfully encouraged and developed thoughtful and enthusiastic students.\r\nFor myself, teaching provides an opportunity for continual learning and growth. One of my hopes as an educator is to install a love of learning in my students, as I share my own passion for learning with them. I feel there is a need for compassionate, strong, and dedicated individuals who are excited about working with children. In our competitive society it is important for students to not only receive a solid education, but to work with someone who is aware of and sensitive to their individual needs. I am such a person and will always strive to be the best educator that I can be.

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Ms. Salsabil

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hello, my name is Salsabil Chedhly. \r\nI had a master degree in Biology at ISBST. In addition, i had 3 years of experience as Biology Teacher in High School Ahed Aljadid, Tunis. \r\nAs an energetic individual who has a fresh view of scientific methodologies and processes, I deem myself as someone who can benefit immensely. With high energy levels, creative teacher and a sound ability to work within environments, you will find me adaptable. I have the knowledge and the right skills to be able to study Biology and French.

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German language tutor in Dubai

Mr. AbdulMalik

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I have student teaching experience from the fifth grade to tenth grade in the United Arab Emirates for over four (4) years. I have a bachelor's degree in French and a French teaching certificate. \r\nI provide a competitive atmosphere for my students to express themselves without fear of being intimidated, introducing a form of interactive learning. I also engage my students with various activities in class, according to the lesson plans with differentiation.\r\nMy goal is to combine my range of experience with my ability to be a compassionate, enthusiastic, intelligent teacher who will positively impact my students

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Mr. Khelil

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Taking into account the importance of the French language in the world civilization and since French is not a neutral tool, but a civilization phénomène so I was passionate about teaching French as a foreign language. Today I want to give a new direction to my career, I am very interested in your institute and I wish to submit my application for the position of French language teacher as my qualifications and experience closely match your requirements Therefore, please accept my resume for your review and consideration

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Ms. Kushb

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I love inspiring and motivating students to realize and exceed their potentials. I have 6+ experience in teaching students from grade 1 till 12th. I’m excellent in Biology, Science and English Language, so if you feel these subjects difficult, don’t hesitate to reach out for my guidance. Always there for the young minds who really wants to explore and enhance their brain capability and stand out from the crowd.

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Ms. Girotto

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Felicia Girotto and I am 28 years old. I speak 6 different languages (French, English, Italian, German, Luxembourgshi and Spanish).\r\nI worked for 1 year in a high school my replacing the teacher when they were sick. \r\nI have a bachelor in communication, and I worked for almost 3 years in the communicationd department for the municipality of Walferdange (Luxembourg, EU).\r\n\r\nMy level in French C2 (native). \r\n\r\nI am also an always smiling person, I am always positive and you can feel the good energy with me, and I know this is important to have it too, while teaching, because the student has to feel comfortable with the teacher. In fact, a part of the success to learn a language is the student's hard work, but the most important thing is the way the teacher is teaching !

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German language tutor in Dubai

Mr. Lucas

German language tutor in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Lucas, I am french and I'm 28 years old.\r\nI just finished my french foreign language teaching degree with a specialization in children tutoring. I've been teaching french as a foreign language for 5 years now at every level and to clients from children to adults. I also speak english, spanish, and italian fluently. I am confortable in portuguese and german and I just started to learn arabic. I lived in 8 different countries up until now and I am ready for a new challenge.

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