Biology Tutors in Abu Dhabi

Looking for Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi? GetYourTutors makes it easy to find your Biology Private Tutor in Abu Dhabi and in other Emirates of UAE. We can assist you to find a Local Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi for Tuition classes for both Private home tuitions in Abu Dhabi and Online Biology tutor for online tutoring.  Our online tutors in UAE are well equipped to teach Biology online. Private tutoring encourages intrinsic motivation and ensures that you receive undivided attention, which greatly assists in improving grades.

Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi

Why Hire Biology tutor with us?


We offer Biology Tutors that specialize different branches of Biology and curriculums. Botany, zoology, and microbiology are the three primary disciplines of biology. Private tuition is targeted to the demands of the student’s curriculum and Our home Biology tutors and online Biology tutors provides one-on-one interaction between the tutor and the student, increasing knowledge and building student confidence. Our O-Levels Biology Tutors and A-Levels Biology Tutors, adapt their teaching strategies and resources to the curriculum’s requirements of different examination bodies such as IGCSE, CIE, GCSE, SABIS, AQA and etc. For international Baccalaureate students we have the best IB Biology tutors in UAE, profound of the teaching methods and curriculum for SL and HL Biology.  One-on-one in-person sessions or online tutoring make difficult topics in Biology simple, and the student has the main concepts at his or her fingertips in no time.

Why hire a private tutor for Biology?

Private Biology tutors customizes learning to the child’s individual requirements – to a level of precision that a classroom instructor could never achieve. Protein synthesis, respiration and photosynthesis, cell division (mitosis and meiosis), hormone control, oxygen transport, the nervous system, and genetic modification are some of the ideas and topics in biology that students find challenging and difficult to grasp. These subjects may easily be studied with the help of private tutoring, which can be done in person or online. Our teachers choose the optimum learning speed for each student. Make each learner’s “method” of learning unique. Create a safe, non-competitive, and low-stress atmosphere than a school classroom. Private Biology tuitions aid in on-the-spot feedback, allowing misunderstandings and misconceptions to be addressed as they arise rather than allowing them to grow. Biology tutoring in Dubai allows a kid to spend as much time as they need to study difficult concepts, fully comprehend their classwork, and ask questions. We can assist you to find the top Private Biology tutors in Dubai that specialize in teaching AP, GCSE, A Level, IGCSE, SABIS, American, British curriculum and IB Biology Tutoring in Abu Dhabi. 

Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi

Ms. Marina

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

IB biology tutors

Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi

I am Marina. I have an experience in teaching science & biology and make it relevant to the student everyday lives. Aside from earning a bachelor degree in pharmaceutical science. I present even the difficult material in a clear, organized way and with either patiently review until each student understands the unit or split the class into study partners for 5- minutes sessions for independent review. In my classes, we use variety of equipments and learning resources to involve everyone in the learning process. I can give Online Biology Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Ms. Ayesha

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

IB biology tutors

Biology tutors in Abu dhabi

Iam master of science and had 6 years of experience in teaching in addition scored IELTS 7.5 band ,handle children with patience and understand their need and help them out with their lessons, and prepare strongly regarding subject from basic to advance. help them in making notes and finding topics which they misunderstand.

Ms. Mai

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

IB biology tutors

Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi

Expert, passionate teacher with 10 years of experience in teaching Science and Biology for primary, middle and high school. Curriculums: American (SOL Virginia) British GCSE. I have 10 years of experience as classroom teaching as well Biology tutor online . As a private Biology tutor, I am aware of my responsibilities to students in terms of ensuring that they learn Biology in an efficient manner.

Ms. Zeenat

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

Igcse biology tutors

Biology tutor in abu dhabi

"Myself Zeenat qualified as B.ed working in British School as the Primary teacher for grade 5( Science and Maths) for Full distance and another school Al Alain with Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK)approval, 3 years of teaching experience at school as Science teacher and 6years of experience as a tutor in India and 1 year in UAE. I can give Online Science and Math Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. "

Ms. Basila

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

Igcse biology tutors

Biology tutor in abu dhabi

I'm an MSc. Chemical Engineering graduate from Khalifa University of Science and Technology, Abu Dhabi. I completed my BSc. in Chemical Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada. Exceptional in academics, I have 4+ years teaching experience in Science and Math. Thorough with the basics, I believe in interactive sessions where students are encouraged to think and develop their learning skills. Having studied and worked in Canada, I can offer some help for prospective students aspiring to study in foreign countries. I can help any student for online tuition in UAE for Physics Chemistry Biology and Math.

Ms. Faima

Private biology tutors in Abu dhabi

Igcse biology tutors

I have 8 years of experience as classroom teaching as well Science tutor online. I have 2 years on online tutoring experience. Tuition assists students in achieving their learning objectives. As a private Science and Biology tutor, I am aware of my responsibilities to students in terms of ensuring that they learn science and Biology in an efficient manner.

Biology tutor abu dhabi

Ms. Mariam

I am Mariam. I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry and my experience is 14 years. I can teach scientific subjects such as biology, chemistry and physics, and I have my own teaching style. I have my own ways of conveying information to the minds of students and I can use modern technology in teaching. I can give Online Biology, Chemistry and Physics Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I'm associated with GetYourTutors as online biology, chemistry and physics tutor, help to find experienced Bio -Chemistry Teacher in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Biology tutor online

Ms. Walaa

Biology teacher at an International School where I have an outstanding record for being dependable and great with the students . I have taught long enough to find ways to keep students engaged and interested in the lessons. I have the ability to design assignments to ensure students are up to date with the schools standards and to ensure they are actually learning the information. I have experience setting up experiments for the students to conduct and I encourage students to come up with their own experiments that we can test out in the lab. I also have experience conducting lectures and I stay updated on all the latest research and information concerning biology. This way, I can relay this information my students. My goal as a teacher is to make students interested in biology so they will want to learn more . I also have the ability to spot those students that have the potential to become biochemist, scientists and engineers. I can help these students find the right path for their careers and encourage them to use their fullest potential. I can give Online Biology Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. As a Private Biology Tutor, I am aware of my responsibilities to students in terms of ensuring that they learn Biology in an efficient manner.

Biology tutors in Abu Dhabi

Ms. Avita

10 years experience of innovative and personalised teaching preparing young minds with 21st century skills. Also experienced as Head of Department and hold a Pearson certificate in Middle management training. Excellent communication skills and a team player. I can give Online Biology Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I'm associated with GetYourTutors as online Biology tutor, help to find experienced Biology teacher in UAE

Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi

Ms. Razan

Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I am writing to outline my successful track r?cord as a Teacher with 7 years of experience in teaching and laboratory management, which I believe shall make a very significant contribution to meet the objectives of your esteemed organization while improving efficiency.\r\n\r\nI have gained invaluable experience in enhancing the classroom learning environment, monitoring and identifying the signs of learning and behavioural challenges, and collaborating with fellow teachers. My forte includes explaining procedures and answering questions, participating in extracurricular activities, and handling administration-related activities.\r\n\r\nI have displayed credentials in preparing, administering, and grading examinations, planning and delivering lectures, and coaching students to improve their performance. My expertise lies in presenting a high standard of teaching high school biology and chemistry, and laboratory management activities following standard operating procedures and laboratory rules.\r\n\r\nI am adept at evaluating students' coursework and ensuring optimum adherence to pre-set teaching standards. I have displayed capabilities in curriculum-related and extracurricular areas, developing student-cantered, congenial learning techniques to instil enthusiasm in students, emphasizing value ?ducation to foster their development to their utmost potential.\r\n\r\nI am presently open for a challenging position as a Science Teacher\/ Biology Teacher\/ Chemistry Teacher \/Biology Lab Assistant in the ?ducation industry. With a r?cord of success behind me, I am confident that I will be an asset. I would be pleased to have the opp?rtunity to discuss your needs and how I might be able to meet them. I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to hearing from you.\r\n\r\nSincerely,\r\nMs. Razan Ahmed

Ms. Esraa

Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I have valuable experience as a teacher in the British School of Alexandria,Egypt for two years and in Abu Dhabi too. I was responsible for creating an exciting and engaging environment for children.I am energetic and self confident individual who has passion for enriching the lives of the children and i can be relied upon to turn them into lifelong learners.\r\n\r\nI am a Cache 2 certified from the British Orchard Center and Data wise educational leadership from Harvard university.I am also a HAAD licensed pharmacist with family visa who worked as a pharmacist in UAE though always was passionate about teaching and especially kids.\r\nI believe i can fit in this job through my love and patience dealing with kids using the influence of active learning.\r\n\r\nHighlights of the main responsiblities i had during my experience as a teacher are providing a safe and stimulating environment that facilitates learning,organising and supervising play and work activities ( for example reading,cooking, music ,dancing etc ) ,liasing with parents,carers and professionals,maintaining records and recording progress.

Ms. Mounira

Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I have bachelor degree of Science and Education and 3 years Experience teaching science and biology in middle and secondary schools .

Organic Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi

Ms. Ayesha

Organic Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I’ve studied cell and molecular biology at United Arab Emirates University. I’ve been working as a research assistant for 3 years & im willing to deliver my knowledge to young students about science or biology in general.


Organic Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I studied biology in Lebanese International University .I have 6 years of experience in teaching at UNRWA schools .

Organic Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi

Mr. Asokan

Organic Biology tutor in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.I have done my PhD in Microbiology. I have experienced from last 25 years in learning and teaching of Biology in schools and colleges, as well i am guiding Microbiology PhD\/M. Phil research scholars.

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we provide female Biology tutors with 5+ years of teaching experience for British curriculum and IB Curriculum students. Hire IGCSE Biology tutor & IB Biology tutors for 1-to-1 Biology lessons & online Biology tuition in Abu Dhabi,

Biology tutors in dubai

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Getyourtutors student review
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Ms. Amna is a very dedicated and professional tutor. She has a very good approach with the kids and is very patient to ensure that they are focused and understood the lesson. Very sincere individual and I would recommend her to my friends.

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Working with Al Qua education as a freelancer has been the most enjoyable experience. Not only Al Qua education offers me the hours, but also I get constant support from the staff and get a selection of students who are within my vicinity.

Namure Akpengbe

I discovered Get Your Tutors through an online search for Private Tutors in Dubai for my then 14 year old who needed extra help in Maths and Chemistry. It’s been 2 years now and I wish we started this journey much earlier.

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Most frequent questions and answers

How can knowledge in biology be improved?

Students can enhance their biology abilities and knowledge in a variety of methods, including: 1. Clear understanding of the underlying concepts/formulas 2. Past papers/Questions practice 3. Engaging in study lessons 4. Practicing on additional questions 5. Be inquisitive about topics that are difficult to grasp until you have clear understanding 6. Have a positive attitude towards the subject

How can tutors assist students to enhance their biology scores and skills?

Students can enhance their biology abilities in a variety of ways. However, competent biology tutor in Abu Dhabi can assist you: Boost student confidence Intrinsic motivation Students receive undivided attention Encourage inquisitiveness and leave room for it. Place a greater emphasis on conceptual comprehension than on method. Give pupils real-world issues to solve to pique their interest in biology. Create a positive and secure environment for students to study.

What is the cost of a biology tutoring session in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of a private biology tuition is determined by the student's needs. The cost of online biology lessons differs from the cost of face-to-face classes.Tutoring costs in Abu Dhabi are determined by a variety of criteria such as tutoring hours, expertise, and credentials.By Filling in our contact form you can get an exact quote for the classes and plan to start biology classes.

What is the duration of biology tuition classes in Abu Dhabi?

Our advisors will help you to understand the needs of the student and create a plan of the duration hours according to the curricular requirements. Number of hours booked by the students are divided usually from 2-3 hours a week per subject. However, you can tailor the number of hours needed according to your requirements

What are the methods of payment accepted to pay for the biology classes in Abu Dhabi?

Bank transfer, Credit card payments and Cash collection are accepted.

Do biology tutors in Abu Dhabi offer preparation for competitive exams?

Yes. However, we recommend that you contact our advisors and give your specific requirements for which examination you want the student to prepare for. Our advisors will guide you to get the best tutor in Abu Dhabi.

When and where do I have to pay?

Payment it made directly to the company after booking and confirming the required hours, You DO NOT have to pay the tutor directly?