Looking for Physics tutors in Abu Dhabi? GetYourTutors makes it easy to find your Physics Private Tutor in Abu Dhabi and in other Emirates of UAE. We can assist you to find a Local Physics tutor in Abu Dhabi for Tuition classes for both Private home tuitions in Abu Dhabi and Online physics tutor for online tutoring.  Our online tutors in UAE are well equipped to teach physics online. Private tutoring encourages intrinsic motivation and ensures that you receive undivided attention, which greatly assists in improving grades.

physics tutor in abu dhabi

Why Hire Physics tutor with us?

We offer Tutors that specialize different curriculums. Private tuition is targeted to the demands of the student’s curriculum and provides one-on-one interaction between the tutor and the student, increasing knowledge and building student confidence. Our O Levels Physics Tutors and A Levels Physics Tutors, adapt their teaching strategies and resources to the curriculum’s requirements of different examination bodies such as IGCSE, CIE, GCSE, SABIS, AQA and etc. For international Baccalaureate students we have the best IB Physics tutors in UAE, profound of the teaching methods and curriculum for SL and HL physics.

Why hire a private tutor for Physics?

Private physics tutor customizes learning to the child’s individual requirements – to a level of precision that a classroom teacher could never manage. Some of the most difficult topics for students to grasp in physics are quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, electronics, radiation, force, momentum, thermodynamics, motions, electricity, pressure, classical mechanics, and waves. These topics are readily learned with the aid of private tuition, which may be done in person or online tutoring. As our teachers set a learning speed that is appropriate for the student. Customize the ‘method’ of learning for each learner. Create a trusting environment that is non-competitive and low stress. Private Physics tuitions aid in on-the-spot feedback, allowing misunderstandings and misconceptions to be addressed as they arise rather than allowing them to grow. Physics tutoring in Dubai allows a kid to spend as much time as they need to study difficult concepts, fully comprehend their classwork, and ask questions. We can assist you to find the top Private Physics tutors in Dubai that specialize in teaching AP, GCSE, A Level, IGCSE, SABIS, AQA, American, British curriculum and IB Physics Tutoring in Dubai. 

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Looking for Female Physics tutor in Abu Dhabi

We provide female Physics tutors with 5+ years of expertise teaching British and IB curriculum. For 1-to-1 Physics tuition and online Physics classes in Abu Dhabi, book 30-Minutes free demo lesson with an IGCSE Physics teacher or an IB Physics tutor.

Physics tutor in Abu Dhabi

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Getyourtutors student review
Malak Marai

Ms. Amna is a very dedicated and professional tutor. She has a very good approach with the kids and is very patient to ensure that they are focused and understood the lesson. Very sincere individual and I would recommend her to my friends.

GetYourtutors review
Reina Kabbra

Working with Al Qua education as a freelancer has been the most enjoyable experience. Not only Al Qua education offers me the hours, but also I get constant support from the staff and get a selection of students who are within my vicinity.

Namure Akpengbe

I discovered Get Your Tutors through an online search for Private Tutors in Dubai for my then 14 year old who needed extra help in Maths and Chemistry. It’s been 2 years now and I wish we started this journey much earlier.

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Shams W.Pawel Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

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Physics tutors in Dubai

Ms. Aparna

Physics tutor online

I am Aparna, i With more than 2 years of experience as Physics teacher , I am certain My experience and qualification aligns well with Science teacher and high school Physics teacher post. I completed Msc Radiation Physics ,BED physical science,and BSC Physics. I am on a husband visa. I am staying in the UAE-Dubai looking forward to increasing my career scope in UAE. r\n In addition to my experience and personal qualities.I have a solid educational foundation and a passion for Science. i profound myslef as IB physics tutor and ap physics tutor for online physics classes.

physics tutors in dubai

Ms. Masrath

Physics tutor online

I' masrath , i have 5 years of work experience as physics tutor in uae i can help student as physics tutor online to help students for follwing topics like quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, master in science and teaching experience in physics in university and I am interested in the position. I have worked as physics tutor for all curriculums.

physics tutors in dubai

Ms. Anisha

Physics tutor online

Myself Anisha, a BTech civil engineering graduate currently working as Physics tutor for secondary level studnets i profund my self as IB physocs tutor and A level physics tutor with years of experience in teaching mathematics and science subjects. I have experience in both cbse and british curriculums. I always ensure that my students clearly understand the concept of topics that they learn through clear cut explanations and practical examples.

Physics tutors in Dubai

Mr. Mohamed

A level physics tutor

I am a physics teacher with more than six years of experience in teaching fields such as mechanics fluid Thermodynamics optics Electricity and magnetism Nuclear and Relativity. I can be an online physics tutor for class 12

physics tutor in dubai

Mr. Hamza

A level physics tutor

Learn from one-to-one personalized & physics tuition. HI I am Hamza B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, I have two years experience as Physics Teacher for Electronics and Robotics. Smart work rather than hard work is what I believe in. I help students to solve past papers and at the same time helping them to learn necessary concepts to score more in the exams. I can understand the responsiblity of A level physics tutor and i profond myself in that.

physics tutors in abu dhabi

Mr. Renmar

A level physics tutor

I had my experience as a classroom teacher majoring in Chemistry in the Philippines for six years which helped me a lot to engage with various learners with individual differences. More so, I continued my career as a Science Teacher from Junior High School and Chemistry from Senior High School at United International Private School- Dubai, the United Arab Emirates which helped me develop my professional growth and shared my expertise with the learners. Lastly, at the International Philippine School in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Science Teacher and also Laboratory In-Charged (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics laboratory rooms). I had the opportunities to work with children and adults of all ages and abilities while I was student teaching and a professional educator. I have attended online seminars that helped to improve the online teaching process. And luckily, I organized science activities, particularly during Science week. I can teach Online mathematics, physics and chemistry

physics tutor online

Mr. Mohamed

physics tutors near me

I have master degree in physics and 5 years experience of teaching physics in an international school of Saudi Arabia. I also have experience of teaching online in an international school of Saudi Arabia by Microsoft teams app. I was teaching physics online as A level physics tutor and O level in Saudi Arabia school. I have completed my master degree in 2017 and since then I am teaching physics to O level A level and IGCSE . I am already teaching online as a private tutor to students of different countries like UAE UK and Saudi Arabia through zoom.


physics tutors near me

I got a B.S degree in Physics. I have successfully finished all the credits hours in Physics at LIU Beqaa Campus, with skills in analysis in mathematical equations and physical experiments like in electricity and magnetism and geometrical optics. I got the Life Science certificate from Al Abrar Educational Center in Jib Janine at 2014. In addition, I got skills in writing mathematical programs on wolfram Mathematica 10, solving equations with initial conditions and plot graphs by certain equations. Furthermore, I worked on Microsoft Office (word and power point) on a lot of scientific reports and presentations. Furthermore, I can be an online physics and Math tutor and teach using software Bandicam, GeoGebra and Zoom application. On the other hand, I made physical experiments in different fields, most of it can help the students in middle school, and high school can understand, such as reflection and refraction of light by rectangular plate or a prism and electromagnetism. In addition, I participate in workshops on my university and participate on social activity on my village with Islamic Charitable Society in Sultan Yaacoub Al – Fawqa.

Mr. Renmar

physics tutors near me

I offer online physics tuition and also a private physics tutor for class 11 & 12 . I find great value in helping others build a strong academic foundation. I believe that a student's time is valuable, so I take a tutoring approach that breaks down complex concepts to make it easier for a student to grasp and internalize in a timely fashion.

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Most frequent questions and answers

How can knowledge in Physics be improved?

Students can enhance their Physics abilities and knowledge in a variety of methods, including: 1. Clear understanding of the underlying concepts/formulas 2. Past papers/Questions practice 3. Engaging in study lessons 4. Practicing on additional questions 5. Be inquisitive about topics that are difficult to grasp until you have clear understanding 6. Have a positive attitude towards the subject

How can tutors assist students to enhance their Physics scores and skills?

Students can enhance their Physics abilities in a variety of ways. However, competent Physics tutor in Abu Dhabi can assist you: Boost student confidence Intrinsic motivation Students receive undivided attention Encourage inquisitiveness and leave room for it. Place a greater emphasis on conceptual comprehension than on method. Give pupils real-world issues to solve to pique their interest in Physics. Create a positive and secure environment for students to study.

What is the cost of a Physics tutoring session in Abu Dhabi?

The cost of private Physics tuition is determined by the student's needs. The cost of online Physics lessons differs from the cost of face-to-face classes.Tutoring costs in Abu Dhabi are determined by a variety of criteria such as tutoring hours, expertise, and credentials.By Filling in our contact form you can get an exact quote for the classes and plan to start Physics classes.

What is the duration of Physics tuition classes in Abu Dhabi?

Our advisors will help you to understand the needs of the student and create a plan of the duration hours according to the curricular requirements. Number of hours booked by the students are divided usually from 2-3 hours a week per subject. However, you can tailor the number of hours needed according to your requirements

What are the methods of payment accepted to pay for the Physics classes in Abu Dhabi?

Bank transfer, Credit card payments and Cash collection are accepted.

Do Physics tutors in Abu Dhabi offer preparation for competitive exams?

Yes. However, we recommend that you contact our advisors and give your specific requirements for which examination you want the student to prepare for. Our advisors will guide you to get the best tutor in Abu Dhabi.

When and where do I have to pay?

Payment made directly to the company after booking and confirming the required hours, You DO NOT have to pay the tutor directly?