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Private Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Ameera

Hello! My name is Ameera and I am a Private Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am a passionate English teacher who has experience in teaching different curricula. I am fluent in English with an overall score of 8.0 in IELTS and a native Arabic speaker. I have experience as an English teacher of all ages and I also have taught Arabic to non-speakers. I have a BA in Italian and English Languages & Literature with a GPA of 3.76\/4 and I have recently acquired my CELTA certificate.

Teach: Arabic |EnglishMathScience

Private Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Sandra

Hello! My name is Sandra and I am a Private Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I’ve a Degree in immunology, Diploma in general management and Advanced diploma in French language I’m a highly motivated french teacher , with native pronunciation and deep understanding of grammar conjugation writing reading and speaking , teaching French for all ages students and all nationalities with excellent methods and rigorous techniques , passionate about learning and teaching , teaching with differentiation all levels of the students to achieve the same goal enjoying and learning and new language.Relating lessons to real life application with great enjoyable experiences, good knowledge of KHDA recommendations and Dubai framework, hardworking, punctual and open to any kind of development

Teach : Arabic |EnglishFrench

Ms. Sara

Hello! My name is Sara and I am a Private Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I have a passion for helping all children reach their potential and love to challenge students to be curious and take chances when learning.I have great communication skills, patience and able to work with student who have different capabilities and interests.

Online Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Rabiaa

Hello! My name is Rabiaa and I am an Online Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am motivated and ambitious and I would like my students to appreciate and understand the importance of literature in our daily lives. I believe in a strong communication between a teacher and his students and encourage the children to express their ideas verbally and through writing.

Ms. Jeannette

Hello! My name is Jeannette and I am an Online Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One,United Arab Emirates.I am an experienced Arabic and French teacher in international schools in Lebanon. I have a law degree and speak Arabic French and English fluently. I am currently teaching online ESL at the refugees alliance assistance California and Arabic online for non native speakers at Baby Arabia Dubai. I am a hard working person very helpful and organized I am always prepared for my classes and I select my activities carefully to help the kids better understand lesson. I believe that every child is capable competent and special. I am very dynamic and creative. I love my job and I enjoy teaching.

Ms. Chabane

Hello! My name is Chabane and I am an Online Arabic tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.My eight years experience as Site Advertising Manager and also a sales manager for almost a year allowed me to acquire different skills to meet the challenges and create comfortable team work. In addition, being now a communications Manager and in parallel, a French and English teacher in several private schools for almost 2 years helped me to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis, and be a dependable person who is great at time management.

Teach: ArabicEnglishFrenchMath

IB Math tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Nada

Hello! My name is Nada and I am an IB Math tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I have been working in the education field for over 7 years now. I have had the amazing opportunity to work with reputable schools such as Safa British school, St. Christopher's Primary school (Bahrain), Dubai American Academy, and Jumeirah Primary School. I have also had experience with clinic exposure as I am a certified RBT. I have mostly been working with children who are not neurotypical. Helping them with academics and practicing ABA if required to teach them a new behavior or eliminate unwanted behavior.I am fluent in both English and Arabic Subjects I teach are English, Math, Science, and History.

Teach: Math|EnglishScienceBiology

Ms. Sarah

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am an IB Math tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.As a highly skilled Mathematics Teacher, I would like to share my expertise with you. My Master’s Degree in Mathematics and hands-on teaching experience, combined with my familiarity with modern teaching strategies make me the best fit for a math tutor. I am confident in my capability to provide learners with high standards of teaching services.I am currently teaching Mathematics to both primary and secondary levels for 8 years now under UK, US, and IB curricula. This experience has instilled a strong desire to facilitate students in learning basic to complex mathematical concepts that would help them in subsequent stages of their careers. Lesson planning, classroom management, performance assessment, progress reporting, and engaging educational techniques are just a few areas in which I have gained experience and thorough comprehension. Throughout my academic career, I honed my communication, creativity, and motivational skills, and have demonstrated the ability to individualize my instruction to students of varying capacities and understandings. In addition, I excel at contributing to school success in other ways, such as tutoring, coaching, and after-school enrichment program leadership.With my experience and credentials, I am ready to dedicate myself to the highest standards of learning and am certain to exceed your expectations for this position. Looking forward to meeting you!

Ms. Gina

Hello! My name is Gina and I am an IB Math tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am a fully qualified Secondary English Teacher from the UK, and have taught both there and in Dubai. I have experience in teaching younger grades in Mathematics, but I am qualified to teach up to Grade 13 in English Literature and Language. I feel the key to a students success is practicing different methods and different ways to problem solve, as well as reviewing model answers and getting regular feedback and reviewing their own work.

Teach: Math|EnglishScience

Ms. Tahmeena

Hello! My name is Tahmeena and I am an AP tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am a goal-oriented and well-practiced individual eager to put my 20+ years of A Level Mathematics teaching experience to work for you. I have taught O Level\/IGCSE Additional Mathematica and Mathematics and A Level Mathematics to students from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom via the internet. My prime focus is to to kindle a student's interest in learning Mathematics and to make online classes as engaging as those taught and learned in a regular school.

Teach: Math| |EnglishScienceCalculus

Ms. Naomi

Hello! My name is Naomi and I am an AP tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am a successful and enthusiastic teacher who offers the ability to teach across Primary Key Stage 1 and 2 in schools following the IPC and IGCSE curriculum. Having had the opportunity to work in the international schools in Kenya and Dubai, I am a firm believer in the education of each student as a whole, as well as seeking to achieve high academic standards. It is vital to provide a wide range of opportunities and nurture talents appropriate to each student’s potential. Before the commencement of my PGCE course in July 2018, I worked as a learning support teacher for two years covering positions such as EAL and Special Educational Needs support, and in-class support. The experience I obtained working across all of these areas was invaluable to me in developing my understanding of children and their educational and personal needs across many levels. Additionally, I am more excited to have had the opportunity to be a class teacher and subject teacher in grade 1, 2 and 3 here in Dubai. I have knowledge and experience in teaching English, Science and Math .

Tutors in Nad Al Sheba One, Dubai

Ms. Ihdaa

Hello! My name is Ihdaa and I am an AP tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education with a grade of very good. I have many training courses and experiences, including 4 years in my country. I worked as a teacher from the first to the third grade as a teacher for all subjects, and one year of them was a social studies teacher for the preparatory stage, and I worked for two years in the UAE at Al Shorouk Private School in Dubai, Mathematics teacher for the first and second grades and the kindergarten stage as well, used in teaching activities and educational means that make it easier for children to receive the information

A level Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Shehnaz

Hello! My name is Shehnaz and I am an A level Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I have experience helping students gain their identity and passion, which ultimately directed them toward their goals. With more than 6 years of experience actively working in several huge reputed schools since earning a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Chemistry. I believe your organization is the right place for me to continue to grow within this profession. I have completed a Master’s degree in Chemistry with Organic specialization as well as Bachelor’s degree in Education (B.Ed.) all having a regular course. Also, I completed an internship where I worked on a Project:-Determination of diastereomeric salt formation of Atenolol and Propranolol (Cardiovascular drugs)by chiral HPLC method under Prof. IMRAN ALI (Leading Scientist In Chiral Resolution Of Pesticides) for 5 months in Jamia Millia Islamia University, 2014.

Ms. Zareen

Hello! My name is Zareen and I am an A level Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am an Energetic and innovative Science Teacher with an innate ability to bring lesson plans to life from beyond the pages of textbooks. Adept at actively engaging students while providing comprehensive instruction in basic academic skills.I have worked in different curriculums teaching physics and chemistry as main subjects.I believe in inclusive learning. In my previous job I ensured that students have a firm grasp of key concepts from the required course materials and made it a fun learning.Learning with different activities makes your learning more interesting and I believe that. I believe while teaching relating textbook knowledge with the real life helps students to understand the concept in easy and in more relatable way.

A level Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Aditi

Hello! My name is Aditi and I am an A level Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I have always been the kind of person who believes in the power of a good education and imparting knowledge to others. With that mindset, I have always excelled in my courses and ensured to always understand the topic at hand to the best of my abilities. I am thankful to the wonderful teachers and professors who helped me achieve my goals and hence decided to pay the fortune forward by tutoring students of all sorts of backgrounds in order to help them become the best version of themselves. My tutoring style is as interactive as it is lecture-based. An ideal lesson is equal parts content delivery as it is practical and problem-based. Naturally, I let the students first form their approach to solving problems before interjecting. However, the student is also always very welcome to interrupt and ask questions at any point.

Ms. Fatema

Hello! My name is Fatema and I am an AP Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.As you will see in the resume attached to my application, I have earned a bachelor’s degree in Pure and Applied Physics from the Lebanese University with a rank of 2 and a shield of honor. I have had very few opportunities to work in Lebanon due to the obstacles set by the Ministry of Labor that prevent non-Lebanese from signing a job contract. I started freelance tutoring six years ago and achieved incredible results with the students I tutored. Also, I got the opportunity to be a graduate assistant at the American University of Beirut for two semesters, through which I taught the Electricity and Magnetism lab for Electrical and Computer Engineering students and got a good instructor evaluation. I worked with the Educational Research Centre and the International Arab Baccalaureate as a part-time\/freelance subject expert editor. I edited Physics books and Physics Egyptian Scholastic tests, and reviewed cultural guidelines for Pearson and Discovery Education books to use in the GULF region. Currently, I am a Physics and Math teacher at the Lycée National Libanais. I teach Math for grades six and seven and Math and Physics for grades eight and nine. Also, I am an intern with LOYAC Lebanon coordinating and preparing to launch an academic support program that I founded. I had the opportunity to teach students with different abilities. I succeeded in offering individualized and extra-curricular support for low-ability students and integrating effective learning materials.

AP Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Sara

Hello! My name is Sara and I am an AP Chemistry tutorin Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am certified in Biochemistry with a master’s degree and other in market access of health products from the Lebanese University. Recently , I have finished my teaching diploma in Secondary Science from MUBS University. I used to teach as a tutor for chemistry and biology subjects for different grades reaching high school students. My last job was as a science teacher in Maarufeyi Official School, where I taught also Syrian refugee. It was a great experience full of achievements. Recently ,I am a chemistry teacher in Dubai Modern Educational School, Iam student centered teacher , I do believe that students engagement in the lesson is the most important part . Motivating students to do their best and improve their skills is one of the main duties.I handle for the students different type of activities and engaging worksheets for them to be involved in the lesson . I do care for all the students and especially giving support for weak students to achieve high goals.I believe in the 21st century skills to be applied and the inquiry based learning .I always will to improve my knowledge and skills. I participated in several workshops. Recently I am partitcipant in the SDG brain lab , where through it I will gain several skills regarding 17 sustainable development goals. I participated also in active Learner, training of Trainers, and AMIDEAST Program.

AP Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Rasha

Hello! My name is Rasha and I am an AP Chemistry tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.As a holder of master’s degree in Chemistry, having a 2 years experience in private tutoring (one to one) for high school students to prepare for their official exams and helping freshman year students to go through their chemistry courses in different majors (in Lebanon), as well as working as a free lance tutor to prepare the emSAT material in chemistry (UAE), accompanied with lots if exercises to train the test takers for their university entry via zoom video-call, I am ready to help any struggling student with the chemistry section to make it understandable and easier.

Ms. Yasmine

Hello! My name is Yasmine and I am an O Level Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates. I recently graduated with a bachelor of Physics from Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. I would use my spare time at university to tutor and shortly after graduating, I accepted a full time position as a mathematics and physics teacher. Over the course of a year and a half, I assisted students throughout their studies and engaged them with their curriculum. I have studied and taught the SABIS curriculum thoroughly, which is a combination of American, Canadian, and British curricula. I have also taught AS and IGCSE mathematics as well as IGCSE physics. My methodology is simple - practice makes perfect! I am looking forward to meeting you!

Teach: Physics|EnglishMath

Ms. Abeer

Hello! My name is Abeer and I am an O Level Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I am an Electrical Engineer who loves to learn and teach everyday. I have an experience in teaching middle school students robotics and virtual reality. Moreover, I also have an experience in teaching my siblings and friends their subjects in school and university, and they score high marks. I am an A student and an A tutor, I am very patient with kids and teenagers. If you are my student I will make sure 100% that you understand your lesson and become an A student.

Teach :  PhysicsArabicMathCalculus

Ms. Anum

Hello! My name is Anum and I am an O Level Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I have done the Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) in 2014. I have done a UK Level 6 qualification regulated by Ofqual and approved by KHDA, along with the Mandatory Professional Development and Teacher Standards Certifications. I have been privately teaching English, Mathematics, and Science subjects to Primary, Middle, and High School students since 2015 and I am familiar with IGCSE and IB curricula. Furthermore, through the teaching course, I have learned about various teaching strategies and explored techniques of effective classroom management along with powerful lesson planning to focus on the learning and development of students and giving effective feedback. I have a good command of the English Language and can easily communicate with students.I believe I am a good teacher as not only do I have an interest in teaching, but Physics and Mathematics are truly my areas of expertise in education. Along with this, I have excellent communication skills, and I relate to children and deal with them in a very positive and encouraging way. I have very engaging lessons and get along really well with the learners.

Teach:  PhysicsQuran |Islamicstudies|Math

University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Sreyaja

Hello! My name is Sreyaja and I am a University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates. Currently I am a science teacher in Dubai.I completed my B.Ed in both Physical Science and Mathematics from Al -Ameen College of Education, Bangalore. I had done my Post Graduation in Physics from Vellore Institute of Technology (8.6 CGPA), Tamil Nadu. I pursued my B.Sc in Physics from Kannur University (9.2 CGPA), Kerala. I had done my 2 months internship in CMA Boys high school in Bangalore. I also have a few months of teaching experience in a private tuition center.I have a huge passion for teaching Physics and maths. These are the subjects I feel entirely confident in and this is reflected in my ability to teach in a simple,yet highly effective manner to cater for students of all standards and abilities.I am flexible and adaptive in my approach in teaching and I will always deliver positive results for your school based on the defined curriculum.

Teach: Physics |MathScienceBiolog

University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Amany

Hello! My name is Amany and I am a University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.With over 13 years’ experience in teaching in international schools in Saudi Arabia, I moved recently to the UAE. Throughout my career, I have been focused on delivering healthy cultures of learning in which students are inspired and confident in their abilities. As such, I feel that I am closely aligned with the values of your school. I have a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and pharmaceutical science.

University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Urooba

Hello! My name is Urooba and I am a University Physics Tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.Enthusiastic Teacher with good leadership and interpersonal skills. Talented in providing strong quality instruction and creating positive learning environments. In addition to my Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Education and Bachelor’s in Computer Science, I also have five years of experience teaching Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science to middle and high school students. What I learned through that experience was that to get kids to remember and understand importance of education, I had to make these events come to life. I implemented unorthodox teaching strategies such as film making to get students excited about the subject matter and make it memorable for them. I am passionate about teaching and helping students come to love the act of learning, and I would cherish the opportunity to transform the way students view education.

Online French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Tracy

Hello! My name is Tracy and I am a Online French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.Hello, I’m Tracy. I graduated from École Supérieure des Affaires in partnership with ESSEC Business School in France. I am certified in Business French (Certificat de français des affaires) I am passionate about languages and teaching, I have taught French to kids and adults for over 3 years in and outside UAE. Since French is my mother tongue I will make sure that the student is confident holding a conversation in French and\/or focusing on courseware for good grades (if required!)I am someone who’s patient, speaks the language on a daily basis, understands where the students’ weaknesses are, and is able to communicate them with ease.

Teach: French|ScienceCalculus

Ms. Samantha

Hello! My name is Samantha and I am a Online French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.As a homework helper and holder of a BAFA for years in France, I would like to teach my native language in the UAE.This position allows me to learn French and the opportunity to open up to a new culture Passionate about teaching, pedagogue, dynamic, good listener, with excellent communication skills and a strong love for transmitting my knowledge, I am highly motivated by my job and I do my utmost to captivate the class and offer a rich education to my students.

Ms. Samra

Hello! My name is Samra and I am a Online French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.As an enthusiastic and competent teacher with a key experience of 4 years in developing French teaching programs and in developing a high level of linguistic competence in my students, I am pleased to introduce myself;I am Samra SAADI with a degree in French literature, I teach students all the components of the French language, including pronunciation, grammar, composition and sentence construction, with complementary lessons on French culture. My methodology is based on the creation of personalized plans and programs, while stimulating the student's enjoyment and appreciation for learning the French language.

Ms. Eman

Hello! My name is Eman and I am a Private French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I worked in the field of teaching French to children, and also worked with the Syrian Red Crescent and with community development associations, and I underwent many courses and training, which increased my experience in dealing with children and adolescents. My passion in life is to work with children with love Education is a river that does not dry up, and since I am a mother, this thing has added to me more knowledge and awareness of the needs of children, patience and a big heart to deal with them.

Private French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One

Ms. Amany

Hello! My name is Amany and I am a Private French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I'm an Engineer, skilled in Mathematics and Science. I have previously taken tuitions for all standards and all subjects. I can teach ICT, Coding, as well as language subjects like French, English and Hindi. I have studied in the IGCSE curriculum until 10th and CBSE for 11th and 12th so that makes me capable of teaching both British as well as Indian curriculum for students. I focus on application-based teaching with real-life based memorisation to help students relate to and understand the science of life in daily activities. I tend to take frequent tests and help students to work on their weaknesses to make them into their strengths.

Ms. Anasa

Hello! My name is Anasa and I am a Private French tutor in Nad Al Sheba One, United Arab Emirates.I believe my teaching experience and passion for sharing knowledge with others make me an ideal candidate for a teaching position.Holding a Master’s Degree in French as well as DELF (Diploma in French Language Studies) level B2 and having almost 7 years of experience working in a school, college, and other private institutions, I introduce various teaching methods including different creative games, student role-plays, videos, online activities, readings to maintain a productive learning environment in order to improve all four competencies of learning a language namely writing, listening, speaking and reading. In addition, I incorporate complimentary lessons in French culture, traditions, history, and current events stimulating appreciation for the French language.I have trained students for various State and National level competitions as well as led groups of students to France for an Educational Trip for two consecutive years. With my experience and skills, I am prepared to dedicate myself to the highest standards of French instruction.

Teach: French|ScienceMath|

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