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Looking for Math tutors in MBR city, Dubai? GetYourTutors makes it easy to find your private Math Tutor in MBR city, Dubai and in other Emirates of UAE. We can assist you to find a Local Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai for Tuition classes for both Private home tuitions in MBR city, Dubai and Online math tutor for online tutoring.  Our online tutors in UAE are well equipped to teach math online. Private tutoring encourages intrinsic motivation and ensures that you receive undivided attention, which greatly assists in improving grades.

Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai

Ms. Sunanda

Hello, My name is Sunanda, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Highly dedicated and compassionate math teacher with more than 10 years of teaching expertise in CBSE. \r\nExclusive practice for strong foundation, Focus on conceptual clarity and Intensive preparation for Board Examination with regular doubt clearing and tests.

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Ms. Zainab

Hello, My name is Zainab, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am a seasoned teacher with PhD in electronics and communication engineering from prestigious Jamia Millia Islamia university and PGCEi from Liverpool John's Moore University .\r\nI have more than 8 years of teaching experience at various university and school.\r\nFrom last two years I am giving home tuition to students of British and American curriculum school in UAE.\r\nMy experience makes me confident enough to work for this position. I have been teaching every subjects from year 1 to Year 11.\r\nMath, Physics and chemistry are my key areas of interest.\r\nI have good command on English with IELTS score of 7 and have enough experience of teaching native english speaker as well as children whose first language is not English.

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Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai

Ms. Apsara

Hello, My name is Apsara, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is Apsara Ajithan, working as MOE teacher in Maldives since 2020. Ever since I started teaching at the school level , I have been passionate in my commitment to three things: maximizing individual student performance, inspiring students’ interest in technology and instilling a sense of self-worth among all students. I have dedicated my career to each of these pursuits, as my enclosed resume will attest. I have proven experience developing curricula, preparing and executing behavior plans, evaluating student progress and building relationships with parents to update them on student performance and development.In Little Flower College I got a chance to work as HOD of Physics department (Self financing ) .I get a chance to be a good counselor for my students to mold them and share their problems. As a part of improving my skill I attended various workshops and seminars and Certified Google Educator Level 1 and 2 . I get an opportunity to work in the Teleklass group of MOE in Lh AEC.\r\nI have completed my MSc in Physics in 2011 with first class. My qualifications include 8+ years of teaching experience in various educational institutions including schools, colleges and competitive exam coaching centres where I have to work as an academic coordinator also. I am eager to resume my teaching career and would be delighted to interview for this opportunity.

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Ms. Anum

Hello, My name is Anum, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I have done the Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) in 2014. I have done a UK Level 6 qualification regulated by Ofqual and approved by KHDA, along with the Mandatory Professional Development and Teacher Standards Certifications. I have been privately teaching English, Mathematics, and Science subjects to Primary, Middle, and High School students since 2015 and I am familiar with IGCSE and IB curricula. Furthermore, through the teaching course, I have learned about various teaching strategies and explored techniques of effective classroom management along with powerful lesson planning to focus on the learning and development of students and giving effective feedback. I have a good command of the English Language and can easily communicate with students.\r\n\r\nI believe I am a good teacher as not only do I have an interest in teaching, but Physics and Mathematics are truly my areas of expertise in education. Along with this, I have excellent communication skills, and I relate to children and deal with them in a very positive and encouraging way. I have very engaging lessons and get along really well with the learners.

Ms. Tamima

Hello, My name is Tamima, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.An enthusiastic, driven and self-motivated young professional holding nine years of teaching experience in primary. Worked in a variety of settings including Cambridge schools in the Pakistan and a British School in the UAE, teaching in kS1 and Lower KS2. Further to this, upheld responsibilities as Subject Coordinator for Geography and Lead in Reporting.\r\nMotivated educator with deep passion for helping students excel in the classroom. Employs a broad range of instructional techniques to retain student interest and maximize individual learning. Ensures that every student is progressing and is held to high expectations. Consistently strive to create the best learning and assessment methods possible.

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Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai

Ms. Avica

Hello, My name is Avica, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I would describe myself as Hardworking, sincere, enthusiastic and energetic person. I did my bachelor's of Science in Chemistry Honors. I have 2 years of teaching experience as home tutor upto teaching 10 std students. My hobbies are dancing, singing, hiking and reading books. I make every student understand concept first and then provide them internal as well as external knowledge of subject. And also prepare them for facing the world outside.

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Ms. Mahlet

Hello, My name is Mahlet, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Greetings Mr.\/Mrs., \r\nMy name is Mahlet Amogne . I hold a BSC in Electrical Engineering and will also soon accomplish my Masters Degree in Information and Communication systems from Ningbo University . I am writing to you now , seeking the position of teaching Physics , Chemistry or Science at your school. From the field of major I did my degree with and still inclined to enhancing it , it is clear that my background is solid with the courses you seek your teachers to conduct . But sometimes papers only couldn't guarantee good teaching . And I believe I have what it takes . I am very energetic and innovative . I believe Physics and Science courses are not just calculations and discoveries but rather languages to communicate with our surrounding and nature . And abilities to translate those understandings to the society using simple mathematical knowledge and experimentations . This has always been my ground of understanding of these major courses whenever one challenges me with talks how complicated and sophisticated it is to understand and master in this fields. This, I will also make sure to share with my fellow students especially to help those who find it to be less interesting . \r\nDuring my stay in China I have always been a teacher . But the one teaching experience was transforming and proved my potential was when I taught in Henan University of Finance and Economics Law . I conducted two major courses Software Engineering and Linux for three different batches ; first ,second and third years . The first week I was there , my students were very shy and distracted . And specially a handful of the female students had already made up their minds that they won't be able to understand anything . I saw an opportunity here , so , I committed myself towards their daily achievements in building their confidence and that they are able to do it . It was gradual , but was achieved . My shy students started speaking out loud in English embracing their grammar mistakes and surprisingly I witnessed the love for Coding grew at large . And most importantly they trusted me to be their friend .\r\nI am also a teacher who is still dedicated to learning from others and surrounding and even from my students .

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Ms. Sreyaja

Hello, My name is Sreyaja, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am Sreyaja J R . Currently I am a science teacher in Dubai.\r\nI completed my B.Ed in both Physical Science and Mathematics from Al -Ameen College of Education, Bangalore. I had done my Post Graduation in Physics from Vellore Institute of Technology (8.6 CGPA), Tamil Nadu. I pursued my B.Sc in Physics from Kannur University (9.2 CGPA), Kerala. I had done my 2 months internship in CMA Boys high school in Bangalore. I also have a few months of teaching experience in a private tuition center.\r\nI have a huge passion for teaching Physics and maths. These are the subjects I feel entirely confident in and this is reflected in my ability to teach in a simple,yet highly effective manner to cater for students of all standards and abilities.\r\nI am flexible and adaptive in my approach in teaching and I will always deliver positive results for your school based on the defined curriculum.

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Ms. Khadija

Hello, My name is, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi! This is Khadija. Teaching has always been a very fun and rewarding job for me. I teach Math, Arabic and English to students between 10-18 years across various curriculums \r\nWith a teaching experience of over 7 years in the UAE, I’m confident that I’ll be able to help students. by teaching and explaining in a simplified and gentle manner. My calm and soothing approach to teaching is something specific I have invested in along with breaking down concepts and delivering it to students in smaller and easier bits. My lessons are always well prepared and ready, keeping in mind the student’s needs and goals.

Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai

Ms. Shahnaz

Hello, My name is Shahnaz, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I, Shahnaz Irshad, is a B.Tech graduate with B.Ed having more than 6 years of teaching experience in teaching in different curriculums including O level, IGCSE and CBSE and also in institutes and schools.\r\nHave a unique style of teaching with differentiated process and tasks given to children based on their level. Very friendly with students creating an open environment to ask all their doubts. Develops interest and love in children for the subject through problem based learning connecting to real life.\r\n\r\nThankyou.

Ms. Taskeen

Hello, My name is Taskeen, I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi my name is Taskeen, I am a \graduate(M.phil)\" of the Qauid e azam University Islamabad Pakistan .i have been visiting teacher on different institutions in a teacher my primary role was to extract the best of my studies by using different teaching techniques."

Math tutor near Al Barari, Dubai

Ms. Celine

Hello, My name is Celine , I am a Math tutor in MBR city, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I am Tunisian, I live in the United Arab Emirates. Graduated from the University of Tunis. I have been a Arabic language teacher for non-native speakers for more than 10 years, I taught all levels of different nationalities. I worked in several institutes in Dubai, and I also been a Arabic language tutor for several Corporates. More than 4 years ago, I turned to virtual teaching methodology or an online class, using all modern technologies and programs to facilitate learning and meet students.

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