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Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai - United Arab Emirates.

Finding Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai is easy with GetYourTutors. find best female Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai for your private Arabic lessons. Our Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai give In-person or online Arabic classes. Find top Arabic language course in Dubai to start learning Arabic Online. Book free demo lesson with online female Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai. To help you in all aspects of studying Arabic in the comfort of your own home. Our Arabic Teacher gives home tuitions as well as online Arabic classes.

Arabic tutors near emirates hills, Dubai
Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai

Ms. Majdoleen

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My name is majdoleen, I have bachelors degree in pharmacy. I started my teaching journey 8 years ago when I started teaching non native kids how to read Quraan. Currently I teach Arabic B at Dwight school Dubai. I believe each student has a spark of genius to be exploit by the teacher to get the best out of him, and that’s exactly my policy. I alway consider fun in my planning and activities to have the students engaging all the time.

Teach:Arabic |EnglishMathScienceBiolog

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills

Ms. Sakhab

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am a bachelor holder of Middle Eastern Studies in language & Society - Arabic and have vast knowledge on Arabic language and culture. \r\nI possess excellent communication, administrative, organizational skills and have been working in translation field, content writing and event management. \r\nI believe that I will be a good match to Tutor position.

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai

Ms. Nada

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.A passionate university instructor of Accounting and Finance for 10 years of experience, in love with the Arabic language, and would be eager to teach the above mentioned subjects. I am a person who is driven to inspire students in achieving personal and academic success, as I know I will be able to meet the required and more.

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Ms. Nadia

My name is Nadia, I'm working as Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hey! Im a young Arabic teacher looking for a help studnets, I'm have more than 4 years of experience at primary school I have bachelor degree speciality didactic of languages, I'm passionate and organized teacher, I'm looking forward to hear from you, best regards.

Teach:Arabic |EnglishMathScienceBiolog

Ms. Zainab

My name is Zainab, I'm working as Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Hello . iam Zainab .30 years old.. Egyptian .. my backgrounda in education start as charity related to my college to teach un educated adults . at 2012 . and from 2014 i started private lessons for primary and preparatory students . in subjects ( Arabic - history - geography).until 2021\r\ni wish to join your team. and help your customers (students) to understand their subjects in properly way and get high marks.

Arabic tutor in Emirates hills

Ms. Fetoon

My name is Fetoon, I'm working as Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. young talented ,full of potentials and self reliant teacher ambishioned to impact her students with her knowledge that i acquired in my lifetime .Just finished volunteering in the KSA pavilion at Expo2020. Based on this event i acquired lots of experience and Knowledge more than a job in the same period.

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai

Mr. Houssam

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Because language is the basis of civilization, and because education is a distinctive profession, the teacher must follow the distinctive thinking in teaching methods and integrate the material with the students’ ideas to have the required passion that the teacher seeks. Within the technical standards of teaching and the role played by the teacher here, the search for opportunities for creativity, development and training

Teach:Arabic |EnglishMathScienceBiolog

Ms. Nada

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.To whom it may concern,\r\nFor the past 17 years, I have worked diligently as a Kindergarten teacher at different schools abroad to ensure that my students receive the highest quality education that is possible. I would now like to continue my career as. I am interested in applying for a teaching position, in your school district. As a Lebanese American University graduate, I have student teaching experience in the primary level, in both suburban and urban school districts.\r\nI believe that I am thoroughly prepared for the position of a “Classroom Teacher” because I already perform many of the duties required of this position such as organizing meetings amongst the other teachers and aligning the curriculum across the primary level. \r\nThank you for considering my application. I hope that my dedication to this school district and my commitment to educational excellence recommend me for the role of Class Teacher. I would welcome an interview and hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience.\r\nSincerely\r\nNada Tiba

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai

Ms. Jeanette

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I am an experienced Arabic teacher in international schools in Lebanon. I have a law degree and speak Arabic French and English fluently. I believe that every child is competent capable and creative. I enjoy teaching and I love my job. Looking forward to hearing from you

Arabic tutor in Dubai

Ms. Zahraa

I' Zahra working as Arabic tutor near emirates hills, Dubai. I'm private tutor help student to learn as per their own comfort of timing. I have 2 years experience giving English and Arabic tuition in Dubai. I can teach English and Arabic online for secondary and primary grades students.

Teach : ArabicEnglishMathScience

Arabic tutor in dubai

Ms. Sara

My name is Sarah, I'm working as Arabic tutor near Emirates hills, Dubai. a teacher and speech therapist from 2012 to 2021. My work with kids is my life, and what I love doing is being with kids. I feel victorious when I have consequences for the children. I can give Online Tuition in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Arabic tutor in dubai

Ms. Muna

Arabic tutor in dubai, I hold a bachalor's degree in business and finance management, I have experience as a teacher of Arabic and Islamic education for the kindergarten class for nine years in an international school. This is my passion, ambition and love in dealing with children. As for my teaching style, it is learning through play and fun. I can help any student for online tuition in UAE for primary grades.

Teach: ArabicEnglishMathScience | Quran

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills

Ms. Karma

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Welcome! \r\n\r\nMy name is Karma and I have a Masters Degree in international tourism as well as a Bachelor of Engineering in interior design. I have a background of freelance teaching experience in topics such as Arabic for non-Arab's, General topics such as: Geography, Science, History, Art, Social Studies and university studies within tourism or interior design topics. The way of teaching is simplifying the issue\/question as much as possible and being creative in the way to learn the topic or memorizing specific terms.

Ms. Chabane

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.My eight years experience as Site Advertising Manager and also a sales manager for almost a year allowed me to acquire different skills to meet the challenges and create comfortable team work. In addition, being now a communications Manager and in parallel, a French and English teacher in several private schools for almost 2 years helped me to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis, and be a dependable person who is great at time management.

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills

Ms. Khadija

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi! This is Khadija. Teaching has always been a very fun and rewarding job for me. I teach Math, Arabic and English to students between 10-18 years across various curriculums \r\nWith a teaching experience of over 7 years in the UAE, I’m confident that I’ll be able to help students. by teaching and explaining in a simplified and gentle manner. My calm and soothing approach to teaching is something specific I have invested in along with breaking down concepts and delivering it to students in smaller and easier bits. My lessons are always well prepared and ready, keeping in mind the student’s needs and goals.

Mr. Abdul

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I have worked as a Teacher for the past three years, and have the right skills to offer your open position. This is why I have included my resume for your review.\r\nFor the past three years, I have been an able English, Arabic and French Teacher for Superior Schools. In this capacity, I have worked for private and public sector third parties, as well trained new employees in teaching of these languages.\r\nI know my experience, my degree in English, Arabic and French languages, and my skills of communication qualify me for this position of Translator

Mr. Mozon

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.Hi, I'm Mr. Mozon Almelhem.\r\nI teach Arabic to primary school students.\r\nI have five years of experience in this field as a teacher, and long years of experience as a student.\r\nI had several degrees that qualified me to be a teacher. I finished college at the Faculty of Education, and then I studied the Diploma of Educational Qualification and then I got my master's degree in Integrating technology with education.\r\nA large part of my study deals with modern teaching methods, so we will follow modern, diverse and fun ways of learning Arabic.\r\nI look forward to working with you.\r\nLet's learn together\r\nLet's enjoy learning!!\r\n\r\nWith my best greetings, Mozon Almelhem

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai

Mr. Gamal

Arabic tutors near Emirates hills, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.As an experienced teacher of Arabic Language, I believe I have much to offer you. A position within your company will allow me to continue to develop the successful strategies that have enabled me to establish good working relationships with both students and colleagues.\r\n\r\nWorking in different educational settings from Primary to Secondary levels and moving through three different educational environments (Egypt - USA – UAE), have given me a very detailed understanding of educational practice and pedagogy. In addition, teaching Arabic Language for students across different year groups of non-Arab origin has developed my skills of applying differentiation strategies, such as modifying materials for students of varying abilities. Because I recognise the importance of differentiation, I foster a quality teaching and learning environment, encouraging all students to work to their highest ability. By implementing a variety of diagnostic teaching methods to meet the different needs of each individual child, I strongly believe that all students have the ability to learn if they are given adequate time and support. \r\n\r\nThrough my teaching experience, I have discovered that it is essential to foster a positive working environment, in which all pupils can succeed. To achieve this aim I strive to develop a close working relationship with students and ensure that all pupils are given clear targets to allow for improvement. This way, they are responsible for their own learning and achievement. \r\n\r\nFurthermore, I feel that I possess excellent communication skills and I clearly plan lessons to enable progression. In addition, I believe that it is essential that pupils find their lessons relevant, interesting and engaging. Therefore, my teaching consists of numerous different strategies and methods, providing students of all intelligences with motivating and effective learning. In order to achieve this, my teaching focuses on the importance of group work and peer tutoring, where students become involved in their learning and develop the ability to think for themselves.

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