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Overview for AQA A-Level Math

Pure Mathematics:

  1. Algebra and Functions:
    • Manipulation
      of algebraic expressions.
    • Functions
      and their properties.
    • Sequences
      and series.
    • Binomial
  1. Trigonometry:
    • Trigonometric
      functions and their graphs.
    • Trigonometric
      identities and equations.
    • Applications
      of trigonometry.
  1. Calculus:
    • Differentiation
      and integration.
    • Applications
      of differentiation.
    • Techniques
      of integration.
    • Differential
  1. Proof:
    • Mathematical
      reasoning and proof.
    • Proof
      by deduction, contradiction, and contrapositive.


  1. Statistical Sampling:
    • Random
      variables and probability distributions.
    • Discrete
      and continuous random variables.
    • Sampling
  1. Statistical Hypothesis Testing:
    • Hypothesis
    • Confidence
    • Goodness
      of fit tests.
  1. Statistical Methods:
    • Correlation
      and regression.
    • Chi-squared
    • Bivariate


  1. Quantities and Units in
    • Kinematics
      of motion in a straight line.
    • Motion
      under gravity.
    • Connected
  1. Vectors:
    • Scalars
      and vectors.
    • Geometric
      and algebraic representation of vectors.
    • Vector
  1. Moments:
    • Forces
      and equilibrium.
    • Moments
      and couples.
  1. Mechanical Properties of
    • Elasticity
      and Hooke’s Law.
    • Stress
      and strain.

Discrete Mathematics:

  1. Algorithms and Graphs:
    • Algorithms
      and complexity.
    • Graphs
      and networks.
  1. Combinatorics:
    • Permutations
      and combinations.
    • Pigeonhole principle.


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2. Trigonometry Decoded

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3. Calculus: The Heart of Mathematics

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AQA A-Level Mathematics: Beyond Mechanics


5. Mastering Vectors

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6. Moments and Mechanical Properties

Dive into mechanics with a focus on moments and mechanical properties. From forces in equilibrium to stress and strain, our instructors guide you through these concepts, providing clarity and proficiency.

7. Discrete Mathematics Unveiled

Demystify discrete mathematics with an exploration of algorithms, graphs, and combinatorics. Our specialized approach ensures you not only understand these concepts but can apply them with confidence in a variety of scenarios.

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